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Create a calm space with Decor from Bodhibae!


Do you know that decorations have a way of bringing ambiance and relief to our environment and atmosphere? The decorations that you give your house to have a way of giving you relaxation. Let’s assume you’ve been out to a stressful day, and you are back home to sit on the sofa of your living room before proceeding to take a shower. If in this situation, you have a fantastic design in your living room, the sights of the decoration bring you a view that relaxes. But if on the other hand your environment might be tensed for you. Which one would you go for?

Getting awesome decoration materials precedes having a beautiful surrounding, and you can get an assurance of awesomeness in decoration materials at none other than our place at Bodhibae. We are in the business of supplying you with different types of decorations that would make your home, office, sales shop, and other places look gorgeous. We get you the best products at very affordable rates. 

Some of the decoration materials we provide you include; tapestry, wall hangings, beautiful statues, dream catchers, wind chimes, among other decoration materials. At Bodhibae, we supply you uniqueness in sales of materials and service delivery. Our shipping cost of these products is reasonable and affordable. We are always putting you first to make sure you are satisfied and happy with doing business with us, and that is our priority. We would love to have you subscribe, and come and rock our world. We are expecting you!

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3" x 3" Smudge pot

This classic heavy tin cup has inner coating and has a copper rustic finish with soldered bottom, gr..


Scrying Bowl or smudge Pot 4"

Sculpted of soapstone, this bowl makes for a wonderful smudge pot. Colors may vary. ..


Scrying Bowl or smudge Pot 5"

Sculpted from natural soapstone, this bowl is a fantastic piece for your altar, perfectly suited for..


Soapstone Scrying and smudge Bowl

Wonderful as a scrying bowl or for snuffing and resting your smudge sticks, this bowl has been sculp..