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Other Home Decor

Other Home Decor
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117.81 # Amethyst cathedral

Look into the inside of natures beautiful, fascinating, natural formations, with a gorgeous Amethyst..


25-30mm Amethyst pyramid

Using the potency of pyramid magic with the spiritual properties of amethyst, this small pyramid can..


3" Hamsa W Chakra Stones box

Round Hamsa Hand box with lid. Great details carved into this solid resin piece and with the 7 chakr..


3" Onyx Bowl

These beautiful green onyx bowls can perfectly suit any circumstance. They can be used upon your alt..


3" x 3" Smudge pot

This classic heavy tin cup has inner coating and has a copper rustic finish with soldered bottom, gr..


3"Flower Of Life Offering Bowl

This copper offering bowl has been adorned with three brass accents of the Flower of lif..


40mm Evil Eye wall hanging

Evil eye wall hanging: this is thick blown glass with an outer ring of translucent deep blue glass a..


5 1/4" Ritual Bowl

A beautiful ritual bowl made from carved and polished horn. Please note that these are made from rea..


5" Sphinx Pedestal Bowl sandstone & resin

Three Sphinxes sit upon a pedestal with wings stretched out supporting this ritual bowl. Adorned wit..


6" Tibetan Bell with Dorje

Three piece Tibetan Bell with Dorje has excellent tone and can be rung easily similar to a school be..


7 Chakra Wooden Cupboard

Depicting a man sitting in the lotus position, and marked with the seven Chakras, this wooden cupboa..


7" Amethyst Point lamp

A perfect touch to any room, with this quaint beautiful Amethyst lamp, just enough light..


8" Buddha red clothing & Mirror ornaments

This depiction of a seated Buddha with the right hand raised and facing outwards has two common mean..


9 1/2" Buddha 7 Chakra burner

Empowering the Seven chakras, and the wisdom of the Buddha while burning on this uniquely styled inc..


Amber Glass Float 5"

Wrapped in a hemp net these glass floats can be hung from the loop or floated on the water. The glas..