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Do you know that giving gifts to your loved ones is one significant way of showing that you love and care for them? You can never go wrong when it comes to providing people around you with gift items. This is because they are always appreciated, most notably when you get them in the best place to be for precious gift items – at Bodhibae. The gifts that you get your loved ones go a long way in history. This is because people hold on to gifts for a life-long period. Some gifts last for different generations and can be passed on from one generation to another. The more reason why getting gifts that will last a life long period; and the only place to get that is none other than Bodhibae.

At Bodhibae, we provide you with different precious gifts like books of different types like Chakra leather blank book, Buddha parchment, Hamsa hand parchment, 7 Stone leather blank book, and various journals; Novelty gifts like Buddha pens, dragon gong, Chakras poster, Hamsa Hand bank, Faerie magic dust, set of Buddha mugs; Backpacks and Totes bags; and Gifts sets, and many more gift items.

When it comes to providing you with durable gifts with high quality, you can always count on us. We have a culture of giving all our customers the best, and that we can never joke with. We provide you with a great business experience when you order gift items from us. Our gift items and shipping are affordable, for some orders, you can have free shipping, which we believe is available for you to enjoy. You can never go wrong with Bodhibae, and we can always assure you of the best experience. All you need to do is come, and we are going to prove to you our best ability.

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Orgone Chakra spiral (set of 3)

Set of three orgone pendants, each representing the Chakras colors behind a spiral design. Helps to ..