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Novelty Gifts

Novelty Gifts
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1 3/4" x 2" Dream Catcher journal key chain

A detailed dream catcher is on the cover of this mini journal. Complete with a key chain so you won'..


1 3/4" x 2" Hasma Hand journal key chain

Perfectly detailed Hamsa Hand on the cover of this key chain mini journal. Keep this close by so you..


5" x 8" Handcrafted box w Floral Design

Handcrafted of wood, this box is perfectly sized for holding your tarot deck, herbs, or ritual tools..


Angel Light Magic Dust (1/4 oz)

Just a pinch of this magickal dust can aid you in attracting the blessings, guidance, and joy of an ..


Buddha pens (box of 12)

Buddha Writers, Hand painted writing pens. Comes with display box and 12 pens, 3 of each 4 different..


Build It Dragon (hc)

Build your own paper dragon to display at home. This stunningly illustrated model of a fire-breathin..


Chakras poster

Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit, and chakras are the centers where energy can flow into the body. thi..


Dragon gong

Reproduction of a traditional Chinese temple gong with a small hanging hammer. This gong creates a p..


Faerie Magic Dust (1/4 oz)

Add just a pinch and a sprinkle of Faerie Magic dust to your magic crafts to help bring the wonder a..


Hamsa Hand bank

A vividly tie dye style coloring makes each one of these Hamsa hand banks a unique piece. Slot at th..


Healing Notes

Each Healing Note carries a powerful message of hope and inspiration to give to a loved one in pain ..


Henna Kit

Coming with all that you need to create your own henna designs, this small henna kit is ..


Magic sealing wax

Customize invitations, greeting cards, spells, rituals, and more with enchanting wax stamps. Boxed k..


Prosperity Magic Dust (1/4 oz)

A pinch of this prosperity magic dust can help empower your rituals and blessings, helping you to at..


set of 2 Buddha mugs

Buddha Mug: 4" Tall, comes 2 pieces per prepack ceramic. Holds 12 oz. ..