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About Us

Bodhibae.com exists to bring peace, enlightenment, and fulfilment to the world, one connection at a time.

This is the goal that represents the Founders, Termina and Aliyah. We’re a mother and daughter team, We are both firm believers in mindfulness and living a healthy life, and Aliyah is passionate about spirituality and Buddhist practices. So, we decided to develop a project around our shared interests.We carry yoga accessories, crystals, and other aids that can enhance your meditation and spiritual practice. Our products serve practical purposes and let us share our love of the earth and spirituality, and our desire for peace and tranquility.

The name “Bodhibae” comes from a pairing of modern western culture and perennial eastern wisdom. It’s derived from the terms, “bodhisattva,” and “bae”. In the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, a bodhisattva is someone who has undergone all the necessary trials to reach nirvana, a state of transcendence where one is freed from karma, death, and rebirth. It’s the ultimate goal of Buddhism, just as entering Heaven is for Christians.
A Bodhisattva decides to put off the transition to nirvana in the interest of saving people and other creatures from suffering. Bae, of course, stands for “Before Anyone Else”. It seemed like a natural fit to pair such enlightened terms.
It’ll be a while before most of us can reach nirvana, but we can share some love and compassion along the way.