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Astral Meditations by Dr Arlenen Alexander

There is a more subtle body beyond the limits of the physical body, which is called the astral body...


Calya Journey-Wise, Magickal Meditations

At the smallest level, we are all quantum VIBRATIONS. Different parts of our bodies resonate and res..


Celestial Zen by Gordon/ Gordon

Be transported to world of serene beauty where you can experience your own connection to the stars. ..


Celtic Cosmos by Jerry Marchand

With his usual mastery of the Celtic Harp, this music is extremely gentle & soothing. Ethereal &..


Chakra Healing Chants by Sophia

Embark on a journey through the power of the Chakras on a river of sacred sound with legendary 'Song..


Chakra Healing Zone by Gordon / Gordon

Explore and transform your inner world - Retreat from the busyness of life and enter a mystical inne..


Color Meditation Align your Chakras by Margaret Ann Lemb

Color Meditation: Align Your Chakras by Margaret Ann Lembo This guided meditation is approximately 2..


Crossing at Rainbow Bridge by Jerry Marchand

Stir mind, heart, and soul with the newest music from Jerry Marchand, The Crossing at Rainbow Bridge..


Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation by Margaret Ann Lembo

Experience a tuning of your subtle bodies as Margaret plays the singing crystal bowls. Bring your in..


Deep Within a Faerie Forest by Stadler/ Rule

Rediscover the magic - Become filled with exquisite beauty as you journey into a mystical land of dr..


Drum Medicine by Gordon & Gordon

Tribal drums from all over the planet, soaring native flutes, guitars, Shamanic atmospheres, spirit ..


Enchanted Forest by Jerry Marchand

Jerry Marchand's latest release is a slight departure from his other CDs. With his usual mastery of ..


Garden of Serenity by Gordon/ Gordon

Visualize the most tranquil garden there has ever been... nestled behind high stone walls, completel..


Gratitude by David & Steve Gordon

Transport yourself into an ancient land where the sun sets in warm, perfect stillness with this CD b..


Herb Magic DVD by Scott Cunningham

Available for the first time on DVD, Scott Cunningham's ultimate course on herbalism introduces the ..