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Energy Clearing Books

Energy Clearing Books
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101 Power Crystals by Judy Hall

The definitive resource for working with powerful crystals! Sparkling, luminous, and colorful, it is..


Change your Energy by Krista Mitchell

Krista Mitchell, known as The Rock Whisperer for her fresh take on healing with crystals, is one of ..


Clearing Spaces by Khi Armand

Out with the bad energy, in with the good! Khi Armand, a specialist in space clearing with expertise..


Modern Guide to Energy Clearing by Barbara Moore

Transform your life with Barbara Moore's complete guide to working with energy. Usable by anyone, re..


Smudging and Blessing Book by Jane Alexander

Learn to bring the natural powers of Smudging to bring blessings into your life, attract love, relax..


Spiritual Cleansing, Psychic Protection by Draja Mickaharic

A handbook of psychic protection. This bestselling Weiser classic is a spiritual first aid manual fi..


Spiritual Cleansings and Psychic Defenses by Robert Laremy

Learn the time honored methods of fighting off psychic attacks and defending your spiritual self wit..


Spiritual Protection by Sophie Reicher

Spiritual Protection: A Safety Manual for Energy Workers, Psychics, and Healers is a training handbo..