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Faceted Crystals & Points

Faceted Crystals & Points
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1 lb All Purpose bath crystals 7 colors

One pound of scented all purpose bath crystals. Relax in the scent of your bath, comes as 7 colors m..


1 lb Amethyst points

Raw points and chunks of amethyst like teeth of the mountain. Each is unique in color an..


1 lb Angel Aqua Blue Crystal unpolished points

1 lb Angel Aqua Blue Crystal points . Metaphysically, Aqua Aura frees you from limitations and calms..


1- 1.5 Amethyst point

Raw from the mountain. This large amethyst has polished faceted top with raw stone beneath with cut ..


1.5" Clear 8 faceted point

Each brilliant Asfour Crystal is predrilled to receive thread or wire, and is highly polished to cap..


1.5" Clear faceted teardrop

Each brilliant Asfour Crystal has 16 facets and is predrilled to receive thread or wire, and is high..


101 Power Crystals by Judy Hall

The definitive resource for working with powerful crystals! Sparkling, luminous, and colorful, it is..


117.81 # Amethyst cathedral

Look into the inside of natures beautiful, fascinating, natural formations, with a gorgeous Amethyst..


2 1/2"+ Amazonite obelisk

Perfect piece for your work area or any where you would like to shield yourself from electromagnetic..


2 1/2"+ Amethyst obelisk

This Amethyst obelisk comes from India and stands with a pointed top. Amethyst will aid in purifying..


2 1/2"+ Aquamarine obelisk

"Water of the sea" comes in this standing obelisk form. This Aquamarine point may aid ..


2 1/2"+ Garnet obelisk

The protection and power that garnet will offer is an invaluable tool for you and your space. This p..


2 1/2"+ Mica, Green obelisk

Mica acts like a mirror for you in that it will show you your flaws but allowing you to see them wit..


2 1/2"+ Rainbow Moostone obelisk

The feminine powers of the moon shimmer through this Rainbow Moonstone obelisk. Let the powers of pr..