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Flats & Gift Box Sets

Flats & Gift Box Sets
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6 Piece untumbled stones set 5 lb

This wonderful set provides you with small stone pieces under an 1" each with some ..


Flat of 20 Stones and Crystals

Whether you've a love for the beauty found in the stones or a student of the energetic and spiritual..


Flat of Amethyst Points

Flat of Amethyst Points. If you love this stone then this is a great choice. They range from nearly ..


Flat of Citrine Druse

A beautiful stone that somewhat resembles topaz, Citrine possesses a golden, translucent quality tha..


Flat of Mixed rough stones

Flat of 24 mixed assorted rough stones. Each is a clean specimen from the earth. This tray is an exc..


Flat of Mixed windowed (24/flat)

Flat of 24 assorted windowed clear, amethyst, rose, and smoky quartz. Each stunning stone is tumbled..