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Heart Stones

Heart Stones
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1 3/4" Amethyst, Chevron heart

A stone heart cut from Chevron Amethyst and then tumbled and polished to a high gloss. Each heart is..


1 3/4" Angelite heart

1 3/4" Angelite heart. Angelite is the softest energy in the mineral world. Angelite is both blue an..


1 3/4" Carnelian heart

Carnelian heart. These stones were worn by High Priests and Priestesses. Often used to enhance passi..


1 3/4" Clear Quartz heart

Quartz crystal hearts are clear to translucent, each has its own combination of inclusions and densi..


1 3/4" Fluorite heart

Fluorite can be many colors. These hearts are no exception. From Green to purple to grays or translu..


1 3/4" Labradorite heart

Labradorite heart is dark with simmering translucent color which makes this stone so loved. 1 3/4" A..


1 3/4" Rose Quartz heart

Carved from natural Rose Quartz and highly polished the beautiful heart can serve as decoration or a..


1 3/4" Tiger Eye heart

Tiger eye heart is swirls of browns, and reflective iridescent gold. Each heart has its own patterns..


2 3/4 Orange Selenite heart

Polished shaped orange selenite heart, also knows as "Gypsum" or the "Stone of the Moon". Keep aroun..


White Selenite heart 1 1/4" - 2"

Created out of a single piece of white selenite, these beautiful heart stones are great for any alta..