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Pendants & Amulets

Pendants & Amulets
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1 1/2" Ankh Amulet

This stylized ankh has the subtlest of detailing upon its face, and outer ridge accented. A benevole..


6-sided Rose Quartz pendulum

6-Sided Rose Quartz pendulum. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. May also assist you wi..


Buddha, Happy

Buddha literally means enlightened one, a knower. This happy Buddha will aid you in your every day m..


Eye Of Horus Amulet

 This is the right eye of Horus often concerned with logic and numbers, cerebral thought. M..


Ganesh Amulet

This Ganesh amulet will seek aid from the Lord of Beginnings and Obstacles when starting new endeavo..


Ganesh Success Amulet

Lord Ganesh in a lotus pose with hand mudra showing fear not. He will remove the obstacl..


Hamsa Hand Amulet

The Hamsa Hand Amulet is said to confer blessings of power and strength, and is said to ..


Heart Pendant various stones

These whimsical pendants have been carved from various stones into the shape of a heart. Randomly se..


Orgone Chakra spiral (set of 3)

Set of three orgone pendants, each representing the Chakras colors behind a spiral design. Helps to ..


Orgone Triangle 7 Chakra pendant

Revitalize balance energies and harmony to oneself, by keeping this Orgone Triangle pentagonal shape..


Wealth & Happiness Talisman

Shaped like a coin and engraved in ancient Chinese symbols, this talisman is intended to attract wea..